Company Profile

       Xulong Group Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise group  that focuses on agriculture, industry, real estate,  investment, and import  &  export,  with interactive  development  of  capital  operation  and   industrial operation. The headquarters  of  the  group is located at No.568 Development Road, Gutang Street, Cixi City.  The company  has  over  1000  employees and  a  total asset  of  8  billion yuan. It has been awarded titles such  as National Key  Agricultural  Leading Enterprise, National Top 500 Private Enterprises, and China Famous Trademark.

         The industrialization  system  of  the group mainly focused on eel has formed   an   efficient  agricultural   industry   chain  spanning  over  2000 kilometers,  spanning   several  provinces   in   Jiangsu,  Guangdong,   and  Fujian,  connecting  the  Yellow Sea, East  China Sea, and South China Sea. This  industrial  chain  not   only  increases   the   income  of  hundreds  of thousands  of farmers engaged in aquaculture and fishing, but also drives the rise  and  development  of  feed processing, transportation  and other related   industries,   providing   employment   opportunities  for  tens  of thousands  of  people. The role of leading  enterprises has been played in increasing farmers' income and prosperity, promoting regional economic development and maintaining social stability and harmony.

        In order  to  extend the agricultural industry chain, the group entered the  real  estate industry  in  2003, adhering  to the concept of "caring for home  and  life"   and  committed   to   developing   high-quality   livable properties.  It  has  successively  developed high-quality projects such  as Yixing Peninsula, Nantong Shanghai International Commodity City,  Wuxi Luoshe   New   City,  Hengqi   Kela   Mansion,   Hengqi   Business   Center, Xishang Danshan Mansion, and Chongwen Mansion.